Headphone Mic Price in Wazirpur Computer Market

Latest and Updated Price list of Headphone and Mic in Wazirpur Computer Market Delhi, India

Correct location to find the rates of Headphone and Microphone in Indian Computer Markets like Wazirpur - Listing of all Headphones rates

Headphone-mic as clear from their names are output and input devices respectively and are generaly used for online chat. Find the price of various brands headphone below

Headphone Mic Price List in Wazirpur Market

Following prices are showing for Headphone-Mic and are repersented in INR (Indian Rupee):

Wazirpur Computer Market price list of Headphone and Mic is shown below

Headphone Price List

Headphone Brand Headphone Model & Specifications Unit Price
Umax UMAX UH 300 290
Umax UMAX UH 202 290
Umax UMAX UH 304 335
TricomTRICOM 808 200
TricomTRICOM 585 230
Quantum QUANTUM Headphone-Mic 889 230
Quantum QUANTUM Headphone-Mic 316 125
Philips PHILIPS 3600 640
Philips PHILIPS 1900 580
Odyssey ODYSSEY Headphone 213 190
Odyssey ODYSSEY Headphone 413 245
Odyssey ODYSSEY 613 245
Logitech LOGITECH H-110 390
IntexINTEX Headphone-Mic MEGA 205
IntexIntex 878 355
IntexIntex 881 355
IntexIntex ARTIZE 240
IntexIntex STYLISH 260
iBALLiBALL Headphone TWISTER 400
iBALL iBALL Creative Headphone 342MV 170
iBALLiBALL Headphone ROCKY 400
iBALLiBALL i792mv 400
iBALLiBALL Blutootch BT-361735
iBALL iBALL 396MV 240
iBALLiBALL EV 18 590
iBALLiBALL i675mv 355
Hytech HYTECH Headphone HT 666 260
CREATIVECreative Headphone HS-390 520
CREATIVECreative Headphone HS-330 510
CREATIVECreative Headphone HS-150 420
BeetalBEETAL BOOM 600 220

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